Jun 4, 2008

Make Money Online with: Microsoft Adcenter

Microsoft AdCenter: A response to Google's Adsense,Yahoo Publisher's Network and many other advertising companies.Microsoft advertising helps advertisers to connect with their potential customers through its advertising network which comprises of MSN, Windows Live, Xbox, Office, Live Search and many other websites which get millions of impressions everyday and its increasing rapidly.Microsoft provides Search Advertising and Digital Ad Opportunities.

Search Advertising just requires a payment of 5$ , its a one time fee and then you can get started just like any other PPC company, you pay when someone clicks on your ads and visits your website.It provides targeting option to advertisers and advertisers can specify their ads for specific country or region.It claims to provide improved advertising on Live Search for its advertisers.Microsoft not only limits its advertising reach to online visitors but also offline through Microsoft's Game Console Xbox, through mobile advertising and Microsoft Office.

Adcenter Network Sites:

Few ad formats provided by Adcenter:

Microsoft promises a lot more than some of the PPC and Online advertising companies that are present online.It also provides Video advertising options for Advertisers through MSN Video.It can also serve DHTML, Flash, GIF, HTML, Javascript/jscript, JPEG which is awesome considering there are only few other companies which accept these many ad options.Microsoft provides a lot for its advertisers but what about webmasters and bloggers who want to make some money online by using the space on their website and blogs?Although Microsoft has a publisher program too but I haven't heard from them after registering for the program and I am waiting and I think I would be waiting for a long time..lol..Hope we all can see "Ads by Microsoft" someday.