May 31, 2008

Make money online: Oxado advertising network

Another PPC network called Oxado. It only serves publishers right now, the advertising option rests with different advertising companies around the world like in U.K. , it currently partners with Yahoo Search Marketing, Miva and Tradedoubler to provide advertisers.So, if you want to advertise through their network you would have to register with its partner websites to advertise on their network.

Oxado provides contextual ads on the website.It boasts of high earnings per click, better Click Through Rate , easy implementation of code into the website and ads are quickly provided on the website.Oxado claims to be the best in the business although this would be hard to swallow right now, as far as I am concerned for me and many other publishers Google Adsense has been the best paying PPC company.
Oxado has a very big advertising network with close to 50,000 websites in it.Oxado provides a lot of ad formats,so you can never be short of options and can choose the format according to your web site's needs.Oxado also provides the option of replacing Google's public service ads by Oxado ads, so your website can make more revenue and that is a plus point from Oxado.

The affiliate program from Oxado pays 10% of publishers earning to whom you have referred,so apart from showing their ads on your website,you can also choose to promote your affiliate link and this makes the earning options more and it gives flexibility to the publishers.Oxado also provides a scrolling 125*125 ads which shows many ads and the advertiser's website open in a new window, so the website reader does not deviate away from the website.

Unlike most of the other PPC companies like Adsense,Speedyads and many others out there, it first approves the website before it provides the javascript code through which the webmaster or blogger can show ads.So that can be a time taking process and it might take as much as 7 days for your website to get approved.Few publishers are not quite satisfied with the quality of ads they are serving and have said that they show ads which are off track and not related to their content.Few of ads format provided by them do not look too promising to mix with the website as they are way too big to be shown on small blogs or websites like 468 x 700,160 x 2400 and there are few more.Although they promise to be high paying,they do not have good advertisers with them. Oxado does not provide targeted advertisements in all the countries,so if you have a visitor from a country that Oxado does not have on their list, then he/she might not see the ads on the website which will narrow your earnings.So overall I would not give it a shot right now,as long as I have other options available for me.


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