May 31, 2008

Make money online: Oxado advertising network

Another PPC network called Oxado. It only serves publishers right now, the advertising option rests with different advertising companies around the world like in U.K. , it currently partners with Yahoo Search Marketing, Miva and Tradedoubler to provide advertisers.So, if you want to advertise through their network you would have to register with its partner websites to advertise on their network.

Oxado provides contextual ads on the website.It boasts of high earnings per click, better Click Through Rate , easy implementation of code into the website and ads are quickly provided on the website.Oxado claims to be the best in the business although this would be hard to swallow right now, as far as I am concerned for me and many other publishers Google Adsense has been the best paying PPC company.
Oxado has a very big advertising network with close to 50,000 websites in it.Oxado provides a lot of ad formats,so you can never be short of options and can choose the format according to your web site's needs.Oxado also provides the option of replacing Google's public service ads by Oxado ads, so your website can make more revenue and that is a plus point from Oxado.

The affiliate program from Oxado pays 10% of publishers earning to whom you have referred,so apart from showing their ads on your website,you can also choose to promote your affiliate link and this makes the earning options more and it gives flexibility to the publishers.Oxado also provides a scrolling 125*125 ads which shows many ads and the advertiser's website open in a new window, so the website reader does not deviate away from the website.

Unlike most of the other PPC companies like Adsense,Speedyads and many others out there, it first approves the website before it provides the javascript code through which the webmaster or blogger can show ads.So that can be a time taking process and it might take as much as 7 days for your website to get approved.Few publishers are not quite satisfied with the quality of ads they are serving and have said that they show ads which are off track and not related to their content.Few of ads format provided by them do not look too promising to mix with the website as they are way too big to be shown on small blogs or websites like 468 x 700,160 x 2400 and there are few more.Although they promise to be high paying,they do not have good advertisers with them. Oxado does not provide targeted advertisements in all the countries,so if you have a visitor from a country that Oxado does not have on their list, then he/she might not see the ads on the website which will narrow your earnings.So overall I would not give it a shot right now,as long as I have other options available for me.

May 26, 2008

Earn money online with Speedyads: Get 5$ free advertising credit

A contextual advertising network by Entireweb called Speedyads.Speedyads is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising solution for both advertisers and as well as publishers who can make money by displaying relevant ads on their websites or blogs.On registration,it gives access to both the advertiser as well as the publisher account.You can sign up for free and the registration process is very easy and quick.

Number of impressions received by the ad campaign

The website publisher can easily transfer the money earned from advertising as a publisher to their advertiser account which makes it fairly unique,as this service is not provided by the Online advertising giant "Google"and other advertising companies.Entireweb provides graph data for advertising activity and makes it very easy for advertisers to monitor their ad campaigns.The 5$ free advertising credit can be very useful to test their service and as far as their reach is concerned, they gave me very good results with advertising service and you can advertise for very cheaply through Speedyads and the best part about their service right now is that they are doubling the advertising deposit made right now.So if you want to get your hands on cheap and good advertising you can instantly sign up on their website and double your deposit made in the advertiser's account.

Speedyads has all the important Ad formats which are mostly used by the website publishers and its one page ad setup option is also very useful which gives all the option in one page like choosing ad format,altering colours.

A view inside publisher's account

Speedyads also has an option of blocking ads which might be of offensive nature to people.It provides some of its suggested colour schemes for ad formats.The publisher account also keeps track of traffic to which the ad is visible and provide a graphical distribution of traffic according to countries.

Speedyads has only PPC options for advertisers as well as publishers and Pay-Per-Impression has not been provided by them as yet.The advertising network can be very handy for website publishers after Google Adsense which continues to be the leader till now in PPC.Speedyads also lacks affiliate program which makes the advertisers and publishers reluctant to promote it as it will not be able to make money for them.Speedyads can help the website owners make more money from their website and it promises to be a good earning option,in case you want an alternative for Google Adsense.

May 21, 2008

Make money online without being scammed !!!

"Make money online" is the term that most of the people who have surfed the Internet might have come across on the Internet.There are hundreds of ways to make money online and millions of ways to get fooled by people who tell that making huge amount of money is no big big deal and you can have everything you want within no time and its so easy that even a 11 year old kid can do it.So, if making money on the Internet was that easy then why in the world everyone is working and toiling to make their ends meet, when everyone can make money from Internet only.

While this is true that there are many legitimate programs that can make money for you but all require some kind of work before they yield any result.Getting lost in the money making jungle can be very easy especially for newbies and you might land up into some scam and lose money as a result of it.There are thousands of scams out there which claim that you can be rich within 24 hours, you just have to pay their membership fee and wait for money to roll into your bank account.People should be aware of these scams and try to confirm that they are legitimate or not before getting themselves into it.Now I am going to talk about ways in which one can earn money and these ways are fully tested by hundreds and thousands of people across the world.

Some of the money makers are provided below:

  • Google Adsense
  • Kontera Content Link
  • Text Link Ads
  • Bidvertiser
  • AuctionAds
  • ReviewMe
  • Smorty
  • Sponsoredreviews
  • FeedBurner Ad Network

There are many more in the list which are very good and I would discuss them in the later posts.

May 20, 2008

Make more money with Google Adsense

Want to make money with websites and blogs? Then you need to follow some of the golden principles of building a great website.For making a great website you need to focus on the subject very much and try not to deviate from the subject because you can not be a master of all the topics and should only focus on topics which onwhich you have good knowledge.This is the golden point which most of the great earners of Google Adsense follow, its just a matter of hard work, persistence, intelligence and great promotion of your website or blog.The great bloggers like Shoemoney , John Chow, Problogger and many more on the Internet use this great weapon to make thousands of dollars on the Internet with Google Adsense.

The basic steps to make huge amount of money on the Internet with Google Adsense are:

  • Target a specific niche and write good quality content that is considered timeless and people can benefit from it.

  • Set up a blog or website which has the keywords same as the niche you are targeting. Setting up a blog or website with domain name which has cars and writing about making money online would not be of much help to your website.

  • Doing the right keyword research is a must before setting up your website with the right tools.

  • Set up a website that people would love to visit as well the search engine spiders would like to visit.Placement of Google Adsense is also very important and right placement can be the difference between ordinary Google Adsense publishers and John Chow or Shoemoney.

  • Get useful organic traffic to your website so that the visitors click on the ads and you can generate money from it.

  • The key to making money with Adsense is complementing your content with Google ads rather than complementing your ads with some content.

  • Always tracks your results with AdSense and try to improve it by tweaking.Remember there are no specific rules with earning more.Most of the high earners have also tried and failed and tried again.This is mostly based on "Hit and Trial" method. The high earners have got results because of it and who knows you can make more than them by experimenting and tweaking.

In the End the most important result to look for is REVENUE, if you are not making enough money or not increasing the income,then there must be something you need to consider before you can get your desired result and REMEMBER this takes time, your just have to follow the rules and repeat them again and again and great results would come your way.